Friday, March 13, 2009

New Cards!

Hello everyone! Hope your Friday is going well! I was busy again making cards! Like that is anything new... When I'm laid off at work, that's what I do for a pass time. Or I just surf around the net looking for new ideas! I'm still learning this card making thing, and welcome ANY ideas you may have.

This first set are mini cards. The smaller ones are 2"x2" and the taller ones are 31/2"x 2". These little cards are to insert in the little purses I posted the other day. They make a cute little gift, and the recepient has cute little cards to use!

This card is made using the Crazy For Cards Packet! Stamps used are in the December Word Puzzle set. There's a video and full instructions on the web site, or you can just ask me for details!

This is an Easter Card, made with the Stamp of the Month Set for February.

This last card is made for anytime, not just Valentines Day, just to tell someone that you love them. Stamp sets used are Priceless Love Word Puzzle and Love Language.

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